SERVPRO of Guelph Employee Photos

SERVPRO of Guelph Team

Keith MacLeod

Keith MacLeod is the owner and general manager of SERVPRO of Guelph. Keith has been in the Disaster Restoration Industry for over 25 years and has completed many residential, commercial, institutional, large and complex losses from start to finish. He has also assisted in many storm events throughout Canada. Whether it's Fire, Water, Wind, Sewage, Environmental Cleanup, or a Catastophic Event, Keith and his team can restore your home or business to preloss condition. 

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Ian T.

Dedicated Storm Manager and Commercial Large Loss Specialist, Ian has been in the restoration industry for over 30 years. Ian’s experience, customer service, and abilities allow him to limit business interruption by getting your property back quickly. From a single large loss to multiple properties, storm events throughout Canada Ian will be their every step of the way. Along with Canada operations, Ian assists in the USA and Caribbean on Hurricane and Storm Events.

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Doug W.

Doug has been involved in the Insurance Industry for over 45 years. As our Marketing Representative, Doug is a great ambassador for our Brand. He brings his years of insurance experience to ensure great customer service, implements insurance carrier's programs, and updates broker/agents on their clients loss.

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Hero R.

Hero is our office manager and brings over 15 years experience in office/accounting related duties. Hero is very dedicated to assisting our customers and the SERVPRO team. She brings her happy spirit and great attitude to the office every day.

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Chris L.

Chris is a project manager at SERVPRO of Guelph. With almost 20 years experience in the disaster restoration industry he has completed many residential, commertial, and institutional losses. Chris will oversee the loss from start to finish and provide an accurate scope of damage as it relates to your loss. He also assists with job scheduling, training, and regular job site inspections.

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Chester M.

Chester is a project manager at SERVPRO of Guelph. With almost 30 years experience in the disaster restoration industry he has been involved in many residential, commercial, and institutional losses. Chester will oversee the estimates, job scopes, and key performance indicators. He will ensure an honest & accurate estimate, while maintaining consistency. 

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Dave Z.

Dave as a part of the SERVPRO team is involved in the repair/reconstruction portion of our business. He has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry and takes pride in his work, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Katelynn M.

Katelynn is a Marketing Representative as well as runs our Social Media for SERVPRO Guelph. She watches weather warnings all over Canada and creates educational posts about Fire & Water Restoration.

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Barret K.

Barret is hard working and assists the SERVPRO team part time, while during the regular season plays Hockey in the OHL full time. #19 is "Faster to Any Size Disaster". 

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Team on the Job

Terry, Raymond, Peter, Sabrina, Julio, Alfredo, Jamal, Oscar working on a sewage backup for our customer. The team is always ready to assist our customers with whatever happens, Here to Help.

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Mary P

Mary is one of our content specialist. Our content team is Here to Help, it does not matter if its a residential or commercial loss we are ready to respond. 

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Catalina P

Catalina is one of our content specialist. If your home or business suffers a loss, our content teams will be ready for whatever happens. 

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Sergio B

Sergio is one of our crew leads that assists the Mitigation/Emergency Team. Sergio also works with our Storm Team wherever they are needed. 

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Carlos C

Carlos is one of our crew leads that is always available to help our Mitigation/Emergency Team. Carlos also works with our Storm Team!

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Cynthia O

Cynthia assists our Mitigation/Emergency Team as they ensure any size loss is restored to preloss condition. SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team, Ready for whatever happens. 

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Angel J

Angel is a member of our crew that responds 24/7 to assist our customers with Disaster Restoration Services. 

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Caroline M

Caroline, responds to disasters with our teams 24/7. Caroline understands that Fire and Water damage doesn't just happen from 9-5! 

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Alex R

Alex works along side of our Mitigation/Emergency Team as well travelers with our Storm Team to assist home and business owners throughout Canada.